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McCain Should Consider Blogging!

For Bill Marriott, online acquaintance is all about being up to date with the changing times. “Online proficiency – with [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Election Center , Leadership & Strategy , Technology September 23 2008

Time to Invest in Early-Stage Fund

  Encouraged by declining operating costs in financing startup companies, venture capital firms and angel investors feel the current economic [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Capital , Corporate Finance October 1 2008

What It Takes to Be at the Top?

Companies, which treat their reputation as a strategic asset, remain at the apex of corporate reputation ladder, says Reputation Institute.

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 10 2008

Internet as an Effective Medium of Propaganda

With the Internet being used as an effective medium to mortify people, mishandling labor-management disputes could sometimes put the managements [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 10 2008

Small Business Owners Seek Relief

Consistently marred by a declining economy small business owners are increasingly voicing concerns on what they term as “partial attitude” [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 13 2008

Automation Processes Destroy Wall Street

  Corroborating industry experts’ views, even CEOs such as George F. Colony, increasingly believe unregulated financial instruments invented by Wall [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Business Software , Technology October 15 2008

Why Social Media is Good for Advertising?

  As the recession begins to bite, marketing professionals believe brands are finding difficulty in reaching their customers. Additionally, with [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Marketing & Sales , Technology October 22 2008

American Workers Think Obama Will Make a Better Boss

While the job creators in America might want John McCain to be the next U.S president, the American workforce is [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi November 3 2008

What does Sun Microsystems Mean?

  Consistently marred by poor marketing strategies, marketing experts believe, Sun Microsystems’ identity has come in for severe beating. “I [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Branding , Marketing , Strategy November 10 2008

CEOs Are No Corporate Saviors

While the outrage over excessive executive pay to poor performing CEOs is apparently justified, Mike Critelli, the former CEO and the outgoing Executive Chairman of Pitney Bowes, a Stamford, Connecticut-based provider of goods and services related to mail stream, believes it is a wrong notion to consider CEOs as corporate saviors.

Fayazuddin A Shirazi CEO Compensation , Leadership & Strategy November 17 2008

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