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Private Equity Groups Gain Upper Hand in Attracting Talent

Tony James, the COO and President of Blackstone Group had expressed fears saying private equity world is suffering a brain [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi January 4 2008

Small Business Owners Seek Relief

Consistently marred by a declining economy small business owners are increasingly voicing concerns on what they term as “partial attitude” [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 13 2008

Sun Microsystems Nudge to Wall Street

  Banking is a technology business, writes Jonathan Schwartz, CEO Sun Microsystems quoting the CEO of a global financial services [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Business Software , Technology August 1 2008

The Impact of U.S. Media Going Global

  Buoyed by consistent increasing traffic from outside the US and a rising global appetite for the US news, US [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Global Business , Marketing & Sales , Public Relations August 11 2008

The Significance of Marketing in Challenging Times

While most of the companies are busy cutting cost and downsizing budgets owing to the current economic crisis, industry pundits [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Budgeting , Marketing & Sales , Strategy November 26 2008

Time to Invest in Early-Stage Fund

  Encouraged by declining operating costs in financing startup companies, venture capital firms and angel investors feel the current economic [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Capital , Corporate Finance October 1 2008

Trustworthiness via Transparency

How can a company claim to be sufficiently trustworthy? Probably Richard Edelman, President and CEO of Edelman, the global independent [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi March 5 2008

What does Sun Microsystems Mean?

  Consistently marred by poor marketing strategies, marketing experts believe, Sun Microsystems’ identity has come in for severe beating. “I [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Branding , Marketing , Strategy November 10 2008

What It Takes to Be at the Top?

Companies, which treat their reputation as a strategic asset, remain at the apex of corporate reputation ladder, says Reputation Institute.

Fayazuddin A Shirazi October 10 2008

What Should High Net Worth Individuals Do?

Amidst fears of an impending tough tax regime during Obama presidency, tax experts are of the opinion that High Net [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi November 20 2008

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