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What’s so scary about disclosures?

The new SEC rules on executive pay disclosures, are forcing companies to be more forthcoming on their disclosure statements; but many companies are disinclined to share the data fearing competitive harm to their business. While the new requirements stipulate that companies provide information on “why” the companies pay their executives what they do, for their part companies are more inclined to ...

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Private equity firms escape credit crunch heat

With the sub prime mortgage loans crisis threatening to cripple some of the biggest companies in the world, can the private equity groups escape the brunt? The answer is a big yes – at least for those into real estate business. Industry reports reveal that PE firms, especially those into real estate have dramatically escaped the impact from the financial ...

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Is Six Sigma a hard-sell now?

From Jack Welch of GE to Larry Bossidy of Allied Signal, from Motorola’s Robert Galvin to Mikel Harry of Six Sigma Academy, most of the CEOs sang the Six Sigma song in chorus and eventually did come up with some cost savings, say the myriad industry reports. However, there seems to be a mixed reaction from quality experts on the ...

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