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Fixing HR

Optimizing your C-suite executives is important, and here are some ways to get the most from your chief of human resources. The first suggestion? Make your chief of HR involved in strategic planning from the beginning.

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HR: The New Everything

Rethinking the HR Function at Small and Mid-Size Businesses Small companies may not even have a separate human resources department. Often, the work is delegated to the chief financial officer or outsourced to a payroll specialist. If there is such a department, the chief may well be a step ahead of colleagues at larger companies. That’s because he or she ...

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Transform Your Techie

The role of the chief information officer is evolving. No longer, says Fran Hawthorne, is the CIO the 'nerd-in-chief.' Possible responsibilities have grown across multiple areas of business, from customer service to marketing. Is your CIO changing with the times?

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How To Use Your “New” CFO


The CFO's role is being redefined in a way that is beyond helpful to CEOs. CFOs now stepping in when the CEO can't and talking to investors, preparing strategy reviews, negotiating mergers and working directly with division managers to cut costs. When times get tough, finance chiefs step up.

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