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Wyeth’s Comeback Kid

Robert Essner guides the pharma giant back from the fen-phen brink.

Fran Hawthorne October 1 2005

Transform Your Techie

The role of the chief information officer is evolving. No longer, says Fran Hawthorne, is the CIO the ‘nerd-in-chief.’ Possible responsibilities have grown across multiple areas of business, from customer service to marketing. Is your CIO changing with the times?

Fran Hawthorne Talent Management , Technology May 19 2011

The Reasons—and Risks—Behind Corporate Social Responsibility

Editor’s note: To analyze the value of so-called corporate social responsibility, Ethical Chic –from which the following is excerpted–takes an in-depth look at six companies known for CSR qualities—deservedly or not: American Apparel, Apple, Starbucks, Timberland, Tom’s of Maine, and Trader Joe’s.

Fran Hawthorne CEO Briefing Newsletter , Governance/Compliance , Leadership & Strategy January 14 2013

Should the Chief Sustainability Officer be Sustained?

Many business experts say that with increasing natural resource costs, regulation and public scrutiny, companies today need to go beyond traditional efficiency, and that requires a highranking manager with a specific mandate—a chief sustainability officer.

Fran Hawthorne Leadership & Strategy March 16 2012

Revving Up the Pipeline

Swiss-based Roche Holding is betting heavily that George Abercrombie can revive its American drug subsidiary. The patient is showing some signs of life.

Fran Hawthorne October 1 2003

Merck At Risk

The company that flourished under Roy Vagelos has struggled under Ray Gilmartin. Can the one-time No. 1 get back on top?

Fran Hawthorne June 1 2003

HR: The New Everything

Rethinking the HR Function at Small and Mid-Size Businesses Small companies may not even have a separate human resources department. [...]

Fran Hawthorne Talent Management December 5 2011

How to Work With Your Digital-Media Marketing Officer

CEOs need an understanding of digital marketing to maximize its potential.

Fran Hawthorne Leadership & Strategy September 10 2012

How To Use Your “New” CFO

The CFO’s role is being redefined in a way that is beyond helpful to CEOs. CFOs now stepping in when the CEO can’t and talking to investors, preparing strategy reviews, negotiating mergers and working directly with division managers to cut costs. When times get tough, finance chiefs step up.

Fran Hawthorne Corporate Finance , Talent Management , Talent Management January 17 2011

How to Make the Most of Your SVP of Sales

Gone is the quintessential backslapping salesman, but who should take his place?

Fran Hawthorne CEO Briefing Newsletter , Talent Management May 15 2013

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