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Who Says the U.S. Educational System is not up to Par?

The General Electric Company’s philanthropic arm GE Foundation, last week, committed $22 million to the Atlanta Public Schools. “District’s largest [...]

Francis Adams November 2 2007

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Companies and their CEOs are encountering job seekers who are looking for best corporate citizenship. A blog by Bob Langert, vice president for CSR at McDonald’s tracks the trend  

Francis Adams Blogtracker November 14 2007

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Former Chrysler chief Lee Iacocca, who wrote “Where have all the leaders gone?” in April, seems to have found one, finally. explores his blog

Francis Adams Blogtracker November 6 2007

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Pitney Bowes Executive Chairman Mike Critelli has a strategy on reducing carbon emissions from vehicles through his blog Open Mike. felt it deserves the attention of readers

Francis Adams Blogtracker October 30 2007

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Yahoo!’s yin and yang The world’s second biggest search engine company Yahoo! Inc. may have ridden over its yin and discovered [...]

Francis Adams Blogtracker October 23 2007

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Lutz, Marriott and Schwartz go down memory lane

Francis Adams Blogtracker October 16 2007

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Fake Fortune 500 CEO blogs, and the real ones! The fear of an unhealthy explosion of blog havens notwithstanding, debates and [...]

Francis Adams Blogtracker October 9 2007

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Skype and all that hype! A press release on October 1 said that Morten Lund, founding investor of “global technology giant” [...]

Francis Adams Blogtracker October 3 2007

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Coinciding moments of turbulence! Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan’s book The Age of Turbulence topped the Barnes & Noble and [...]

Francis Adams Blogtracker September 24 2007

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Jonathan Schwartz took his “Most Popular CEO Blogger” tag a notch higher last week, when he declared that “SUNW represents [...]

Francis Adams September 4 2007

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