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CEOs, Should You Buy a Sports Team?

Over the past decade, owners who have sold teams saw their val- ues increase by between 7 and 11 percent annually, depending on the league, according to Scott Milleisen, head of JPMorgan Chase’s Private Bank Sports Finance Unit. Much of the growth resulted from richer media-rights agreements in recent years, he adds.

George Nicholas Financing/Investing/Startups , Mergers & Acquisitions , Other Luxury May 21 2014

Why CEOs Buy Sports Teams and What They Do With Them

Some CEOs buy a team to fulfill a life-long fantasy. Others do it to run a different kind of business. Some want to bring a team to their city and others to keep one from moving away. Meet some of the business chiefs who have become team owners.

George Nicholas Financing/Investing/Startups , Mergers & Acquisitions , Other Luxury May 20 2014

CEOs Who Ride the Wind

Greek mythology’s Icarus, using wax wings, crashed because he flew too close to the sun. But a fair number of [...]

George Nicholas CEO Life January 23 2012

How to Reward Top Performers

The old rank-and-yank system pioneered by GE and others has given way to more sophisticated methods of identifying and retaining talent.

George Nicholas Talent Management December 1 2011

What CEOs Need to Know About Hardball Negotiating

The negotiation is moving along nicely and it looks like a deal will be reached — but suddenly the opposing party makes a stiff demand. What’s going on? You’re encountering a tactic commonly used by hardball negotiators, authorities say. It’s what one of them calls the “hovering pen strategy” and another, the “ninth inning zinger.”

George Nicholas Leadership & Strategy October 11 2011

Six Do’s and Don’ts for a Win-Win Negotiation

This continuation of What CEOs Need to Know about Hardball Negotiating explains what to do, and more importantly what not to do, in order to get the outcome you want in tough negotiations.

George Nicholas Leadership & Strategy October 11 2011

Extreme CEOs

Being competitive in the C-suite often translates to being competitive on the racetrack (or field, slopes, waves, or air) and these CEOs take their extracurricular activities seriously. These leaders thrive flying jet fighter planes, scaling mountains, skydiving and racing motorcycles.

George Nicholas CEO Life July 18 2011

CEOs Who Work Hard and Play Hard

These business leaders take their leisure time seriously.

George Nicholas CEO Life July 29 2010

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