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George Nicholas
George Nicholas is a New York-based business writer and communications consultant. Contact him at georgenicholas@mindspring.com.

CEO Passions: The Chess Collector

Presented in partnership with PURE Insurance, Chief Executive’s newest column on leaders who are notable collectors features JON CRUMILLER of Princeton Consultants.

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Collecting Earthly Treasures

Presented in partnership with PURE Insurance, our sixth column on CEOs who are notable collectors features SAS’s Jim Goodnight.

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CEO PASSIONS: Model Railroading for Geeks

Presented in partnership with PURE Insurance, this installment of CEO Passions features TOM LAWSON, an avid collector of trains from the pre-1940s.

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Weatherman Collects Tools of the Trade

Continuing Chief Executive’s series on leaders with notable collections, meet Joel Myers, owner of 6,300 weather instruments.

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Crazy About Cars

In the first of a new regular column on CEOs with a penchant for collecting everything from fine art to swords and bone china, Chief Executive introduces Michael Fux, owner of 135 automobiles.

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CEOs, Should You Buy a Sports Team?

Over the past decade, owners who have sold teams saw their val- ues increase by between 7 and 11 percent annually, depending on the league, according to Scott Milleisen, head of JPMorgan Chase’s Private Bank Sports Finance Unit. Much of the growth resulted from richer media-rights agreements in recent years, he adds.

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Why CEOs Buy Sports Teams and What They Do With Them

Some CEOs buy a team to fulfill a life-long fantasy. Others do it to run a different kind of business. Some want to bring a team to their city and others to keep one from moving away. Meet some of the business chiefs who have become team owners.

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CEOs Who Ride the Wind

Greek mythology’s Icarus, using wax wings, crashed because he flew too close to the sun. But a fair number of today’s CEOs harness the wind to skim across snow, ocean, surf, sand or paved surfaces at 40-plus miles per hour, even uphill. The Paragliders KAVU’s Barry Barr about to launch his paraglider. Barry Barr, CEO of KAVU True Outerware, got ...

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How to Reward Top Performers

The old rank-and-yank system pioneered by GE and others has given way to more sophisticated methods of identifying and retaining talent.

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