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J.P. Donlon
JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

Thorns and Roses: The EPA and Bernie Sanders

THORNS Tarred by a Brush With Toxicity The Environmental Protection Agency spilled 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into a tributory of the Animas River in Colorado. The stinky yellow flume of old mine waste—rife with cancer-causing mercury and arsenic—threatens to pollute the drinking and recreational water of three states. Had a private oil company acted so incompetently and negligently, it would have been fined billions of dollars ...

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Thorns and Roses: The Donald and NBC Go Toe to Toe

Thorn The Donald and NBC Go Toe to Toe As pissing contests go, the dispute between Donald Trump and NBC has been a dilly. NBCUniversal ended its relationship with Donald Trump after the Republican presidential aspirant made anti-Mexican immigrant remarks. The network said it would no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Trump retaliated by banning all ...

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A Slow Start for START-UP

THORNS Companies that began operating in START-UP NEW YORK’s tax-free areas during 2014, the program’s first year, created just 76 jobs, according to a new report from Cuomo’s own economic development agency. The long-term growth projections aren’t much more impressive. Over the next five years, the 54 companies that were granted START-UP status in 2014 are committed to creating 2,085 jobs—not even a rounding error in a statewide economy ...

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Cornell: Cool with ISIS

THORNS They have strange sports brackets in Ithaca, New York. JOSEPH SCAFFIDO, assistant dean for students at Cornell University, was captured on a Project Veritas hidden camera advising a journalist how to start a pro-ISIS and pro-Hamas club on campus. He also advised how to obtain funding to have a member of ISIS run a “training camp,” astonishingly equating the latter to “bringing in a coach to do ...

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