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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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The Real Thing

Coca-Cola employee and several accomplices managed to pirate a number of confidential documents and a sample of a new product [...]

JP Donlon Leadership August 14 2006

AIG CEO Martin Sullivan: Act II: Finding a New Balance

Martin Sullivan got the CEO seat at AIG due to its regulatory crisis. But can he take the financial giant to the next level?

JP Donlon CEO Interviews August 14 2006

Should Hedge Funds Be Clipped?

The SEC made much noise to the effect that hedge funds should be more regulated or at least forced to [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor July 7 2006

Witch Hunt or Failure of Nerve?

Writing in The American Spectator  (€˜White Collar Witch Hunt,” September 2005) the Cato Institute’s Stephen Moore asked why “Republicans so [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor June 13 2006

Making Innovation Work

Without sustainable innovation, companies are doomed. But how can invention and creativity be systemized?

JP Donlon June 13 2006

Productivity of the Mind

The single greatest challenge facing CEOs is to raise the productivity of knowledge throughout the enterprise. It is an economic [...]

JP Donlon June 12 2006

CEO of the Year 2006

Man With A Mission . A.G. Lafley wants Procter & Gamble to serve the world’s consumers. Yes, it’s more than lip service. He’s serious.

JP Donlon CEO of the Year April 10 2006


David wants to take United Technologies higher, faster and farther.

JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 2005

Passing the Word

One of the disadvantages of being a CEO is that every word you utter, every aside you whisper, is heard [...]

JP Donlon June 1 2001

The Last Word

This is my last editor’s column for Chief Executive. After nearly 23 years with CE, I’m shifting career gears and [...]

JP Donlon April 1 2001

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