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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Browne Burns the Midnight Oil

BP Amoco’s Sir John Browne is working overtime to get you to think differently about oil companies-particularly his own.

JP Donlon April 1 2001

Davos Distemper

If the prospect of a slowdown wasn’t sobering enough, this year the business elite attending the great Alpine event had to go toe-to-toe with the anti-globalization elite-with no clear winner in sight.

JP Donlon April 1 2001

Europe’s Turn

While radical transformation has the Euro-Zone leaping ahead after years of stagnation, bureaucratic red tape still impedes emerging enterprises. Can Europe cut through the maze left in Socialism’s wake?

JP Donlon April 1 2001

Guess Who’s the Chief Reputation Officer?

Difficult to earn, but easy to lose, a company’s reputation is a fragile thing, and judging from the results of Chief Executive’s third annual study of corporate reputation, the burden of caring for it falls squarely on the CEO.

JP Donlon March 1 2001

Rethinking the Retirement

About 76 million Americans will be retiring over the next 10 years. Some are your employees. Are you ready for the upheaval that may follow?

JP Donlon March 1 2001

Trust is the Issue

Of all the polls we take of our readers, CE’s corporate reputation survey generates the most interest outside the magazine. [...]

JP Donlon March 1 2001

CEOs in the Mist

It always amuses me to read people’s claims about chief executives. Assertions about them as a class, such as whether [...]

JP Donlon February 1 2001

Agenda For The Future

In a world of constant, fast, and large-scale change, how can CEOs be effective leaders? At our 3rd annual gathering at JFK’s “Winter White House,” CE assembled leading business, education, and political thinkers and asked them to come up with a road map for managing complex change.

JP Donlon February 1 2001

Watch Ray Gilmartin’s Second Act

The threat from generic drugs, fast-changing technology, the fight for scale at all costs, and managing inflated expectations promise to turn the world pharmaceutical industry into an even fiercer battleground. Will Merck CEO Ray Gilmartin meet the challenge?

JP Donlon February 1 2001

Monster Under The Bed

Strategic partnerships of all kinds are fast determining the zones of competition on the Web. But how do you take advantage of the opportunities without being eaten alive?

JP Donlon December 1 2000

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