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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Steve Jobs: The Man Who Transformed Business

As the person who created many devices that have defined how we communicate, Steve Jobs will doubtless be the subject of many books and movies to come. For our purposes, however, his impact on business and business leadership is more to the point. Was Jobs the type of CEO other CEOs might emulate? The answer isn’t straightforward.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter October 6 2011

CEOs Gather in Palo Alto: It’s Really About Ubiquitous Computing

Last week, CEOs gathered at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business to talk about how computing and communication are combining to become more personal—and how business should adapt. Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon recaps the event, and shares key takeaways from speakers such as Ebay CEO John Donahoe and Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter November 4 2011

Outside at the Tiller of Hartford’s Turnaround

  Hartford Financial Services CEO, Liam McGee The economic meltdown of 2008-2009 caught Hartford Financial unaware. Ramani Ayer, its CEO [...]

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy November 8 2011

The Hartford CEO Liam McGee Primes Insiders to be Next CEO

Even though he was pulled from the outside to turn around a financial services firm, The Hartford, CEO Liam McGee believes in priming insiders for take the helm when he’s gone.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews November 8 2011

Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon: Why Competing Through Culture Matters More Than Ever

The complexity of today’s business world is far beyond what one leader can handle, and the CEO of a large company cannot possibly reach every single employee. That’s where culture ultimately determines how effective a CEO and his senior team really are. Chief Executive magazine editor-in-chief JP Donlon discusses the importance of culture for sustaining long-term growth.

JP Donlon Culture , Talent Management November 10 2011

Measuring Wealth Creation

Click here to see a slideshow of the Top 10 Most Valuable CEOs Click here to see a full list [...]

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy November 16 2011

A Note from the Editor on Measuring Wealth Creation

Chief Executive magazine’s Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon discusses the significance of our Wealth Creation Index, and how using EM (economic margin) has allowed us to determine 2011′s Most Valuable CEOs.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy November 16 2011

Why Express Scripts CEO George Paz is 2011′s Most Valuable CEO

Express Scripts is a St. Louis-based pharmacy benefit manager whose CEO has taken the company from #57 to #1 on our Wealth Creation Index over three years. Here’s why CEO George Paz has been so successful.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy November 16 2011

Editor in Chief JP Donlon: How CEOs Use Cultural Levers to Push Growth

As markets continue to be plagued by low economic growth and strategic life cycles become shorter, companies that don’t adapt their cultures will most likely not succeed. More and more CEOs are learning to disperse the tasks of leadership across the organization until there are leaders at every level.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter December 1 2011

Olympus Makes Mistake by Firing CEO

Chief Executive’s JP Donlon sees a huge mistake in Olympus’ firing of CEO Michael Woodford, predicting the Japanese camera company will gain notoriety for its managerial obtuseness.

JP Donlon Daily Brief January 6 2012

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