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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Olympus Makes Mistake by Firing CEO

Chief Executive’s JP Donlon sees a huge mistake in Olympus’ firing of CEO Michael Woodford, predicting the Japanese camera company will gain notoriety for its managerial obtuseness.

JP Donlon Daily Brief January 6 2012

40 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: How Top Companies Excel in Leadership Development

Since 2005, Chief Executive has been releasing its “Best Companies for Leaders,” a list of corporations who are the cream of the crop when it comes to leadership development. This year’s top company is Procter & Gamble, led by CEO Bob McDonald.

JP Donlon Leadership , Leadership & Strategy January 12 2012

40 Best Companies for Leaders 2013

Here is the full list of the 40 Best Companies for Leaders. This group was chosen by Chief Executive and Chally Group Worldwide out of a group of more than 1,000 companies.

JP Donlon Leadership , Leadership & Strategy January 12 2013

Best Private Companies for Leaders 2012

Our Best Companies for Leaders list focuses on public company CEOs, and so it’s important to also recognize private company CEOs who have strong leadership development programs. This year’s top private company CEO is Connie Wimer of Business Publications.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy January 12 2012

54% of CEOs Say Top Spot is More Complex than Expected, Feel Isolated from Staff

A new survey from RHR International has insights into the current pysche of the public company CEO; 50% of CEOs feel isolated and 50% feel increased pressure to perform well financially in a short period of time. Are the external pressures on CEOs leading them to make the best long-term decisions?

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life January 12 2012

Is Access to Policymakers the Real Issue in Business or Part of the Problem?

Should business step up its involvement in public policy issues? According to a recent poll conducted by the FTI Consulting firm, shareholders want CEOs to be more engaged in Washington policy debates.

JP Donlon Global Business , Governance/Compliance March 12 2012

The Twin Challenge of Talent

Exceptional leaders know that their greatest contribution is to cultivate other exceptional leaders. Peter Drucker often wrote about the importance of creating leaders for “the future that has already happened.”

JP Donlon Talent Management February 22 2012

What’s Ahead for U.S.-Mexico Relations

Claudio Gonzalez, 72, is one of the few remaining members of a vanishing breed of senior business figures that have won both deep respect at home and a strong international reputation abroad. He served as the CEO of Kimberly-Clark de Mexico from 1973-2008. Here’s what Gonzalez has to say about the future for U.S.-Mexico relations.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Global Business , North America February 21 2012

How Accurate is the Idea of the Narcissist CEO?

A recent study from a management professor at Penn State explores the “Narcissistic CEO,” claiming that qualities like investing heavily in advertising and R&D or conducting lots of acquisitions (and paying high premiums for those acquisitions) indicates that a CEO is narcissistic and may run a company into the ground. Sure, too much ego isn’t a good thing, but is this study taking things too far?

JP Donlon CEO Life , Personal Effectiveness January 17 2012

5 Stances on Capitalism from GOP Candidates

Throughout the recent weeks there has been significant discussion of capitalism among republican candidates. Mitt Romney has been taken through the ringer for his time at private equity firm Bain Capital. Here, we break down where each candidate stands on capitalism (a subject that CEOs know all about).

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 19 2012

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