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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Photon Man

You’ve heard of Moore’s Law, where semiconductor price/performance doubles every 18 months; now get ready for Kalkhoven’s Law, where bandwidth availability doubles every 12 months when optoelectronic technologies are deployed. Kalkhoven’s company, Uniphase, which is positioning itself as the leading supplier of optoelectronic components, shot up to eighth place on this year’s CE Growth100 ranking.

JP Donlon May 1 1999

Political Polonaise

Privatization and the rapid growth of a new entrepreneurial class have transformed Poland’s once-stodgy, centrally planned economy, Recently, Poland’s Prime Minister Józef Oleksy—a former member of that centrally planned past—spoke with CEOs in New York, reassuring them that his government remains a committed partner in the dance of economic liberalization.

JP Donlon January 1 1996

Politics & Private Equity: The PE Question

Private equity has suddenly become center stage in the media due to one presidential hopeful’s pedigree and his seeming inability to explain what it is or how it works to average voters.

JP Donlon Global Business March 19 2012

Primer Inter Pares

Earlier this year we asked readers to identify a fellow CEO worthy to be named this year’s Chief Executive of [...]

JP Donlon June 1 1998

Primus Inter Pares

If only selecting presidential candidates were as straightforward as choosing contenders for CE’s Chief Executive of the Year. Each year [...]

JP Donlon May 1 1996

Primus Inter Pares

Choosing a Chief Executive of the Year is not easy, even for CEOs. Each year, we ask our CEO and [...]

JP Donlon July 1 1992

Primus Inter Pares

Who is first among equals? With the new year begins our process of nominating and selecting 1989′s Chief Executive of [...]

JP Donlon January 1 1989

Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley: Lafley’s Law: If You Want to Win Become a Game-Changer

P&G’s A.G. Lafley talks about making real innovation happen.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews July 23 2008

Productivity of the Mind

The single greatest challenge facing CEOs is to raise the productivity of knowledge throughout the enterprise. It is an economic [...]

JP Donlon June 12 2006


India’s young, new prime minister has slashed tax rates, cut import duties and eliminated licensing restrictions in 25 industries. It’s an auspicious start toward economic liberalization, but will he see it through?

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Leadership , Strategy January 6 1985

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