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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Computing’s Second Punic War

Java, the network-centric computing platform, is Sun Microsystems’s serious bid for business users. With it, CEO Scott McNealy is setting in motion a wider conflict over who will control computing’s future.

JP Donlon March 1 1997

Trading Up

Having leaped ahead in underwriting to assume Drexel Burnham’s mantle as king of the junk bond market, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette is elbowing its way toward the senior ranks of Wall Street players under the direction of CEO John Steele Chalsty. Does it have the managerial resources to continue to grow and take on the big boys without stumbling?

JP Donlon January 1 1997

Knowledge Capital

CEOs today realize that corporate assets include more than capital, property, technology, and personnel. Increasingly, the value-added advantage of a company isn’t what it makes but what it knows. The question is, are CEOs ready to remake their organizations into knowledge-centered enterprises? Roundtable CEOs here explore the steps to take.

JP Donlon January 1 1997

Been There; Done That

In April 1993, CE launched its first annual review of the best and worst corporate boards. It was the brainchild [...]

JP Donlon January 1 1997

Strategic Agility

In a world where speed, flexibility, and customer value put a premium on organizations able to reinvent themselves overnight in response to global demand, agility is becoming the new competitive metric.

JP Donlon December 1 1996

Who’s The Best?

Clemenceau once awarded the Legion of Honor to a business magnate whose only claim was his large contribution to the [...]

JP Donlon December 1 1996

Rockwell Comes

Long associated with Apollo missions and B-1 bombers, Rockwell has put away its lab coat in favor of electronics, automation systems, and vehicle parts. With $4 billion in cash in the corporate coffers, CEO Don Beall doesn’t rule out an acquisition or two to achieve his long-term goal of remaking the company.

JP Donlon December 1 1996

Top Spoon Stirs It Up

Having spiced up its earnings and margin growth, David Johnson is working on a new recipe for Campbell Soup it’s M’mm M’mm global. But does he have the patience and resources to build and sustain a global franchise?

JP Donlon November 1 1996

A Mandate For Growth

After years of restructuring pain, it’s about time business starts to see some gain. A penny saved is good; a new penny earned is better. CE asked participating CEOs how they are creating tomorrow’s markets and opportunities

JP Donlon November 1 1996

Maximizing Value In The Supply Chain

The once humble activity of logistics has morphed into a formidable strategic practice of supply chain management. As CEO participants attest, it is a rigorous discipline, but worth the payoff in unlocked value.

JP Donlon October 1 1996

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