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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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CEO of the Year Alan Mulally: The Road Ahead

This year, Ford Motor Company’s Alan Mulally has been chosen by his peers as Chief Executive magazine’s CEO of the Year. Over the past five years, Mulally has orchestrated a turnaround for this iconic American company that excelled through the recession as many of its counterparts were taking federal bailouts.

JP Donlon CEO of the Year June 27 2011

Capitalism Under Siege: What CEOs Are Up Against

Is capitalism being threatened? One might think so listening to recent presidential candidates banging on about “vulture” capitalism and “asset stripping” private equity companies. And these are the Republicans talking! But let’s step back. What’s really going on?

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , Global Business January 25 2012

Cap and Trade-offs

The Obama Administration has initiated plans to address climate change by introducing an economy-wide program to reduce the greenhouse gas [...]

JP Donlon Governance/Compliance , Regulatory July 7 2009

Can Europe Compete?

“Europe has the highest standard of living,” quipped MIT economist Rudi Dornbusch at February’s World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. “too bad it cant afford it.” Is Europe falling behind North-America and Asia- Pacific? The growing rift between U.K and its EU partners centers on two visions of Europe’s future.

JP Donlon April 1 1997

California is the Worst State for Business 2013

Previous State: New York No. 50California Taxations & Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key [...]

JP Donlon Best & Worst States May 6 2013

Bush Plus

Addressing the Pacific Research Institute’s first annual efficiency in government awards dinner earlier this year, former Federal Trade Commission Chairman [...]

JP Donlon December 1 1993

Burden of Proof

Are CEOs overpaid, underpaid or get- ting what they deserve? Answer: all of the above. In this issue CE tackles [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1997

Built For Speed

Getting results by linking human performance with speed is no easy feat. But it’s the litmus test for your company’s ability to succeed in a marketplace that’s compromising the capabilities of your workforce.

JP Donlon October 1 2000

Browne Burns the Midnight Oil

BP Amoco’s Sir John Browne is working overtime to get you to think differently about oil companies-particularly his own.

JP Donlon April 1 2001

Brent Saunders, Bausch & Lomb CEO: The Eyes Have It

Brent Saunders, Bausch & Lomb’s new CEO, has his work cut out for him running the only stand-alone eye health company up against the likes of J&J and Novartis.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Communication , Culture , Leadership & Strategy March 21 2011

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