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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Fixing What Ails CEOs

The career of former Novartis CEO Dan Vasella began in medicine, expanding first to business and, more recently, to coaching and advising CEOs. CEOs’ greatest gift, he argues, should be teaching those on their way up.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Interviews February 28 2014

Final Trumpets

Last year, CE gathered CEO veterans of the Vietnam era to explore the leadership lessons learned from that experience. Chief among them is a healthy skepticism—some would argue disrespect—for authority, making trust and team building that much more critical. Equally important is perspective—perspective on life, people, and what’s truly important. In that spirit, CE teamed up with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in gathering CEO vets to continue the dialogue.

JP Donlon December 1 1998

Fiat Looks For Its Global Gear

Long an international agglomerate with deep European roots. Fiat is expanding aggressively to be a transnational player in emerging markets from India to South America. What remains to be seen is whether CEO Paolo Cantarella and Chairman Paolo fresco can transform the management of Italy’s largest private enterprise accordingly.

JP Donlon April 1 1998

FedEx CEO Fred Smith Sees Hybrids as Central to the Nation’s Energy Future

CEO Watch recently caught up with Fred Smith, founder and CEO of Federal Express, a $39 billion enterprise that had [...]

JP Donlon CEO Interviews December 12 2008

Fatal Disclosure

In the 14 years CE has been judging annual reports, our veteran AR watcher, Sid Cato, has taken to task [...]

JP Donlon November 1 1997

Fairness to Whom?

In a new and clever appraisal of the evolving sociopolitical world, David M. Smick’s book The World Is Curved: Hidden [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note October 8 2008

Eye of the Needle

It is clear from endless survey data-not to mention last November’s mid-term election results-that most Americans are decisively turning away [...]

JP Donlon March 1 1995

Europe’s Turn

While radical transformation has the Euro-Zone leaping ahead after years of stagnation, bureaucratic red tape still impedes emerging enterprises. Can Europe cut through the maze left in Socialism’s wake?

JP Donlon April 1 2001

Euro-Tunnel Vision

For years the elites who gather each year at Davos have been talking about the inevitability of a European common currency. With the January 1, 1999, deadline comes the hard part-can they make it work?

JP Donlon April 1 1998

EU: Countdown to Convergence

How quickly is Europe proceeding toward the single currency promised for 1999?Faster than you’d think, given the difficulty of forging synergies between 15 countries with changing governments and coalitions.

JP Donlon December 1 1997

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