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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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SEC Targets CEO Succession Plans

Stephen Miles of Heidrick & Struggles analyzes the likely impact of the new ruling.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Governance/Compliance November 20 2009

Shaheen’s Advice Machine

George Shaheen suspects knowledge capital will be the business currency of the 21st century-and he wants Andersen Consulting to be able to coin it.

JP Donlon May 1 1997

Should Hedge Funds Be Clipped?

The SEC made much noise to the effect that hedge funds should be more regulated or at least forced to [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor July 7 2006

Sincerity Is an Overrated Virtue

Last year Toby Young a British journalist, son of a Labour life peer and the author of How to Lose [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor August 1 2007

Six Things All CEOs Can Learn From Mulally

It no doubt took tremendous leadership skills for Alan Mulally to orchestrate such a profound turnaround for the automobile company. Here are some stats and key takeaways for other CEOs and business leaders on how to lead in the face of adversity.

JP Donlon CEO of the Year , Leadership & Strategy June 27 2011
Skanska's Mike McNally

Skanska CEO Mike McNally’s Soft Skills for Hard Hats

Here are some leadership strategies from Skanska CEO Mike McNally.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews June 4 2012

Slouching Towards The New Order

An optimist is one who thinks this is the best of all possible worlds while the pessimist fears that this [...]

JP Donlon January 1 1992

So Sorry for this Apology

Everyone is in full apology mode. GM and Chrysler executives seem to be stuck in constant apology gear starting with [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note April 13 2009

So What’s Claude’s Next Move?

Axa’s Claude Bebear, dubbed “crocodile Claude” because of his appetite for acquisitions during the ’80s, is on the prowl again. In transforming a once obscure French insurer into a global financial services giant, the urbane Bebear is going up against the major players in insurance, asset management, and financial services-including rival “Hank” Greenberg’s AIG, which is the profitability pacesetter.

JP Donlon April 1 1999

Soft Skills for Hard Hats

Here are some leadership lessons from the CEO of $5 billion Skanska USA, Mike McNally.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy June 4 2012

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