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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Euro-Tunnel Vision

For years the elites who gather each year at Davos have been talking about the inevitability of a European common currency. With the January 1, 1999, deadline comes the hard part-can they make it work?

JP Donlon April 1 1998

No Guts, No Global Glory

Globalization,” writes Jack Welch in his letter to shareholders in GE’s 1997 annual report, “is one of the engines of [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1998

Fiat Looks For Its Global Gear

Long an international agglomerate with deep European roots. Fiat is expanding aggressively to be a transnational player in emerging markets from India to South America. What remains to be seen is whether CEO Paolo Cantarella and Chairman Paolo fresco can transform the management of Italy’s largest private enterprise accordingly.

JP Donlon April 1 1998

Values, Culture & Global Effectiveness

Without a distinctive culture a company may lose its direction. Without a seamless culture it risks losing its global effectiveness. How can CEOs find the right balance?

JP Donlon April 1 1998

Zeneca’s Growth Prescription

The search for shareholder value is pushing some drug makers to consolidate to create mega-ceutical giants, But others believe value will come from a focus on core capabilities. Either way, relying on blockbuster drugs is no longer enough. Zeneca CEO Sir David Barnes diagnoses the challenges ahead.

JP Donlon April 1 1998

Merrill Cinch

Recent conditions have been ideal for Merrill Lynch in its push to become a global financial brand. In his first year as CEO, Dave Komansky made it look easy, but now-with the industry rapidly consolidating and the storm clouds from Asia looming-comes the tricky part.

JP Donlon March 1 1998

Good for the Company, Good for the Shareholders?

Must CEOs be slaves to the concerns of short-term investors? Homage must be paid, say these roundtable participants, but more impact can be achieved by paying close attention to communication, capital structure, and core competencies.

JP Donlon March 1 1998

Global & Mobile

London-based Cable & Wireless’s Dick Brown wants to lead the telecom world in integrated communications. Not bad for a Midwesterner who had never been to the U.K. before taking the CEO job.

JP Donlon March 1 1998

EU at the Crossroads

As the “single market” moves rapidly toward a fascinating end-game, a number of key, time-sensitive, structural issues remain unresolved. CE gathered business and political leaders from Europe and North America to explore the need for a new competitive manifesto-in tune with an increasingly global economy.

JP Donlon December 1 1997

EU: Countdown to Convergence

How quickly is Europe proceeding toward the single currency promised for 1999?Faster than you’d think, given the difficulty of forging synergies between 15 countries with changing governments and coalitions.

JP Donlon December 1 1997

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