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Syngenta CEO Mike Mack: Seeds of Production

Syngenta’s Mike Mack says the need to grow more food on the same amount of land is pressing, and that organic farming is not the answer; technology is.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Marketing , Marketing & Sales , Strategy January 21 2010

Targeting Technological Agility

Business cycles are getting shorter — the days of multiple year projects are gone. How can you adapt to this fundamental change in your business? The answer is technological agility. Mark Johnson explains the necessity of translating your current (and new) technologies into tangible growth.

JP Donlon Innovation , Technology February 23 2011

Tennessee is the 3rd Best State for Business 2014

CEOs responded that Tennessee, a right-to-work state, was good for both manufacturing and high tech, “especially in the Nashville area.” Another respondent called Tennessee “outstanding.”

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Best & Worst States for Business 2014 May 8 2014

Tennessee is the 4th Best State for Business 2013

Previous State: North Carolina Next State: Indiana No. 4Tennessee Taxations & Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey [...]

JP Donlon Best & Worst States May 6 2013

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky: Talking Trash

Garbage in, profits out might sound like a dubious business model. But it’s working for Tom Szaky, who dropped out [...]

JP Donlon CEO Interviews January 29 2007

Texas is the Best State for Business 2013

Next State: Florida No. 1 Texas Taxations & Regulations Workforce Quality Living Environment Based on CEO Survey by Key [...]

JP Donlon Best & Worst States May 6 2013

Textron’s CEO Lewis Campbell: CEO Transform Thyself

Performance improvement is on every CEO’s agenda and most reckon they have a clear idea about how best to pursue [...]

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Marketing September 1 2006

The Assault on Growth

Break out the John Travolta videos; if you liked the 1970s you will love the next four years.

JP Donlon Global Business , Governance/Compliance February 18 2009

The Bond Between East and West

HSBC Holdings plc, is well placed to capitalize on the economies of Hong Kong and emerging Asia. After a period of inertia the owner of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Midland, Marine Midland, and others is making headway. Outwardly John Bond, the group’s CEO, appears serene about the region’s future—-but he’s watching it very closely.

JP Donlon June 1 1997

The Brainmaker

Will LSI Logic’s “System-On-A-Chip” become the electronic brains for a whole new generation of Internet appliances? Just ash any 10-year-old who owns a Sony PlayStation.

JP Donlon June 1 1996

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