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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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No Trumpets, No Drums: Leadership Lessons From Vietnam

Their fathers’ return from World War II was met with ticker-tape and fanfare. Their own return from Vietnam drew rejection and silence. Today, as they’ve moved from rice paddies to corner offices, what lessons have these Vietnam vets brought with them? To find out, CE looked for a few good men.

JP Donlon December 1 1997

Fatal Disclosure

In the 14 years CE has been judging annual reports, our veteran AR watcher, Sid Cato, has taken to task [...]

JP Donlon November 1 1997

Eaton Hits A Few Speed Bumps

For decades Chrysler had the reputation of being a boom-bust outfit, prospering during good times and barely holding on through downturns. In trying to change all that, Bob Eaton is no Lee Iacocca-but that’s the good news. Facing softening demand and relentless global competition, Eaton and his talented team, including Chrysler Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz, will need to summon their skills at off-road management.

JP Donlon November 1 1997

In Search of the New Change Leader

There is nothing easy or automatic about devising a new architecture of leadership, yet that is what every CEO must undertake to ensure his company’s future.

JP Donlon November 1 1997

Ken Unplugged

Utilities around the world are being forced to deal with the advent of open competition for electric power is leading the charge to transform power distribution.

JP Donlon November 1 1997

Managing Hypergrowth

When the pace of change pushes a corporation onto the fast track, the curves and dips in the road come fast and furious. CEOs gathered at Chief Executive’s one-and-half-day Symposium, held in partnership with Cushman &Wakefield, discussed the challenges of managing rapid growth at two roundtables and three speaker forums held in September at the St. Regis Hotel in New York.

JP Donlon October 1 1997

Growth and Entrepreneurship

The U.S. economy is on a roll. The economy is well into its sixth year of expansion. Unemployment and inflation [...]

JP Donlon October 1 1997

A Doll’s House

Jill Barad wants you to think of Mattel not as toy manufacturer, but as a consumer brand company whose brands ha pen to be toys. She’s credited with the makeover of 38-year- largest toy company?

JP Donlon Marketing September 1 1997

Burden of Proof

Are CEOs overpaid, underpaid or get- ting what they deserve? Answer: all of the above. In this issue CE tackles [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1997

Three Pillars of Globalization

CEOs may be divided over the critical measure for success in becoming global. But they are united in reckoning that culture and people are the greatest hurdles to success.

JP Donlon September 1 1997

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