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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Primus Inter Pares

Choosing a Chief Executive of the Year is not easy, even for CEOs. Each year, we ask our CEO and [...]

JP Donlon July 1 1992


JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1992

Obvious To Some

It is a useful rule that whenever a consensus forms among the lumpen intelligentsia-that is, among those in the press, [...]

JP Donlon November 1 1992


JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1993

Who Has The Best Board…And The Worst?

Over the years, we’ve heard countless comments from CEOs and directors on the qualities and capabilities-or lack thereof-of corporate boards. [...]

JP Donlon October 1 1993

Bush Plus

Addressing the Pacific Research Institute’s first annual efficiency in government awards dinner earlier this year, former Federal Trade Commission Chairman [...]

JP Donlon December 1 1993

This Just In

With this issue, you have a third and final chance to nominate a candidate of your choice for 1994 Chief [...]

JP Donlon March 1 1994

Re-Examining Those Assumptions

Big themes go hand in hand with big-time gatherings of big shots. The recent annual meeting of the World Economic [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1994

Honor Roll

Marshall Louis-Alexandre Berthier, Napoleon’s chief of staff, once recommended to the emperor an able officer for promotion to general of [...]

JP Donlon May 1 1994


Your verdict is in. Chief Executive readers have nominated and a panel of peers have confirmed Microsoft’s William H. Gates [...]

JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1994

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