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J.P. Donlon
JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

THORNS AND ROSES: Infrastructure Inefficiencies and Sunset Provisions

THORNS: Infrastructure Inefficiencies Delays in approving infrastructure projects cost the nation more than twice what it would cost to actually fix the infrastructure, according to a new report released by Common Good, a nonpartisan government reform coalition. Approvals can take a decade or longer, and a six-year delay in starting construction on public projects costs over $3.7 trillion, including the costs of prolonged inefficiencies and ...

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Thorns and Roses: The EPA and Bernie Sanders

THORNS Tarred by a Brush With Toxicity The Environmental Protection Agency spilled 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into a tributory of the Animas River in Colorado. The stinky yellow flume of old mine waste—rife with cancer-causing mercury and arsenic—threatens to pollute the drinking and recreational water of three states. Had a private oil company acted so incompetently and negligently, it would have been fined billions of dollars ...

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2015 CEO of the Year: Boeing’s Jim McNerney is the “Portable Performer”


As complex organizations go, there are few companies with as many moving parts as Boeing, which JIM McNERNEY has transformed since he became CEO in July 2005. McNerney also successfully overcame challenges at 3M and GE to become one of the U.S.’s most respected business leaders. After dealing with the air-pocket concerning the Dreamliner, he has been on a smooth flight path for the world’s biggest producer of aircraft and the nation’s largest exporter.

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Thorns and Roses: The Donald and NBC Go Toe to Toe

Thorn The Donald and NBC Go Toe to Toe As pissing contests go, the dispute between Donald Trump and NBC has been a dilly. NBCUniversal ended its relationship with Donald Trump after the Republican presidential aspirant made anti-Mexican immigrant remarks. The network said it would no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Trump retaliated by banning all ...

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A Slow Start for START-UP

THORNS Companies that began operating in START-UP NEW YORK’s tax-free areas during 2014, the program’s first year, created just 76 jobs, according to a new report from Cuomo’s own economic development agency. The long-term growth projections aren’t much more impressive. Over the next five years, the 54 companies that were granted START-UP status in 2014 are committed to creating 2,085 jobs—not even a rounding error in a statewide economy ...

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