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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey: How the Army Manages Transformation

Like any large, complex organization that must adapt to new realities, the U.S. Army seeks to knock down silos and rethink the way it looks at itself. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey, Jr., talks about what it takes to modernize a 1.1 million person organization, where getting people to embrace change is the key.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews April 14 2009

So Sorry for this Apology

Everyone is in full apology mode. GM and Chrysler executives seem to be stuck in constant apology gear starting with [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note April 13 2009

How Obama Inherited the Colin Powell Rule

When Sweden refuses to bailout Saab and the French prime minister scolds the U.S. for excessive government spending the world [...]

JP Donlon Global Business April 2 2009

The Assault on Growth

Break out the John Travolta videos; if you liked the 1970s you will love the next four years.

JP Donlon Global Business , Governance/Compliance February 18 2009

Best Companies for Leaders

What makes a company attractive for talent, and what kind of company develops the best leaders?

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Leadership January 31 2009

Leadership Imperatives

As you read this, Barack Obama will have been inaugurated as the U.S.’s 44th chief executive. Fittingly, as the U.S. [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note , Leadership January 30 2009


It’s no longer about rhetoric. It’s now President Obama; Barack Obama the perennial campaigner and gifted rhetorician now has to [...]

JP Donlon Governance/Compliance January 22 2009

Mr. CEO Supplicant Goes to Washington

There they go again. Middle aged men with long faces sitting at a table with microphones before them and cameras [...]

JP Donlon December 16 2008

FedEx CEO Fred Smith Sees Hybrids as Central to the Nation’s Energy Future

CEO Watch recently caught up with Fred Smith, founder and CEO of Federal Express, a $39 billion enterprise that had [...]

JP Donlon CEO Interviews December 12 2008

What, No Transparency?

Transparency. It’s la mode juste; the new black. Everyone believes in it or is obliged to say they do. In [...]

JP Donlon Editor's Note December 11 2008

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