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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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It Worked for Spitzer

EPI data shows U.S. CEO pay in comparison to 13 other countries in 1988, 2003 and 2005 and an index that pegs the U.S. compensation at 100.

JP Donlon CEO Compensation October 21 2008

Fairness to Whom?

In a new and clever appraisal of the evolving sociopolitical world, David M. Smick’s book The World Is Curved: Hidden [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note October 8 2008

2008 Chief Executive Of The Year

As Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox, walked to the mezzanine balcony overlooking the trading floor of the New York Stock [...]

JP Donlon CEO of the Year , Events October 8 2008

Jack Welch Sees a ‘Bathtub’ U-Shaped Recession

“We’re in a recession and I don’t see a V-shaped recovery–more like a bathtub U-shaped recovery which will last deep [...]

JP Donlon Global Business September 26 2008

Life After Financial Armageddon

Is this the end of capitalism as we know it? A stock market that sees a 504 point dive in [...]

JP Donlon September 23 2008

No Trumpets, No Drums: Leadership Lessons From Vietnam

Their fathers’ return from World War II was met with ticker-tape and fanfare. Their own return from Vietnam drew rejection and silence. Today, as they’ve moved from rice paddies to corner offices, what lessons have these Vietnam vets brought with them? To find out, CE looked for few good men.

JP Donlon Marketing , ROUNDTABLES August 22 2008

National Drug Control Policy Director General Barry McCaffrey: Internationalism Without Blinders

The current political struggle over foreign policy and arms control is not really isolationists vs. internationalists, as some would have you believe, but on which principles U.S. internationalism should be based. Speaking in Washington to our group of Vietnam Vet CEOs recently, former naval aviator Sen. John McCain, a committed internationalist, argues for a vigorous re-examination of U.S. foreign policy objectives.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews August 21 2008

How Should One Think About China?

The Beijing Olympics are intended to dazzle and for the most part they do. At this writing China leads all [...]

JP Donlon August 14 2008

Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley: Lafley’s Law: If You Want to Win Become a Game-Changer

P&G’s A.G. Lafley talks about making real innovation happen.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews July 23 2008

Victory Without Vindication

Two years ago last April I sat in the Park Avenue office of Invemed, the investment firm of  Ken Langone [...]

JP Donlon CEO Compensation July 9 2008

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