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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Are You Ready For Convergence?

As computing, telephony, and entertainment converge, technology is outrunning marketplace economics. This soon will change. CE gathered chief executives from within as well as on the sidelines of the convergence revolution to identify market opportunities-and discover how to seize them.

JP Donlon April 1 1996

Primus Inter Pares

If only selecting presidential candidates were as straightforward as choosing contenders for CE’s Chief Executive of the Year. Each year [...]

JP Donlon May 1 1996

Convergence Calling

In the scramble following telecommunications deregulation, there will be casualties.Bert C. Roberts r. is determined that MCI Communications, the scrappy long-distance carrier that challenged the Bell system monopoly, not be among the wounded. Rather, he plans to do a little roughing up of his own.

JP Donlon May 1 1996

The Brainmaker

Will LSI Logic’s “System-On-A-Chip” become the electronic brains for a whole new generation of Internet appliances? Just ash any 10-year-old who owns a Sony PlayStation.

JP Donlon June 1 1996

Is Re-Engineering A Fad?

The term has become a victim of its own success. When every company that downsizes claims it is “re-engineering,” the notion of process improvement gets lost. Assembled CEOs agree that change management is here to stay and probably needs a more useful name.

JP Donlon June 1 1996

Junk The Income Tax!

House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Archer doesn’t believe in tax “reform,” he says, because the current system isn’t reformable. Better to wipe the slate clean and create something that works, But what? And how do we to get from here to there?

JP Donlon July 1 1996

Are You Empowering Innovation?

Are you championing innovation in your organization? Or are you killing it with red tape, overly complex systems, and the wrong incentives? CEOs discuss the necessity of innovation-and examine how they may be hindering it.

JP Donlon July 1 1996

Managing Across Borders

Everyone talks about becoming “globally competitive,” but what does that mean? CE assembled a mix of U.S. and non-U.S. CEOs to explore the realities of…

JP Donlon September 1 1996

Trotman’s Global Gambit

With Ford 2000, a global restructuring that aims to give the No. 2 automaker global agility and lowest cost, Ford Chairman and CEO Alex Trotman fashioned an interesting paradox: If the initiative succeeds, Ford could become the most profitable carmaker, but, if he retires at 65, Trotman won’t be around to take the credit.

JP Donlon September 1 1996

It’s Economic Liberty, Stupid

Thirty years ago, deep thinkers such as Harvard’s John Kenneth Galbraith enthralled the wine and brie set with assertions that [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1996

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