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JP Donlon is the Editor-in-Chief of Chief Executive magazine.

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Been There; Done That

In April 1993, CE launched its first annual review of the best and worst corporate boards. It was the brainchild [...]

JP Donlon January 1 1997

Best Companies for Leaders

What makes a company attractive for talent, and what kind of company develops the best leaders?

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Leadership January 31 2009

Best Companies for Leaders

Peter Drucker was quoted as saying that “the army trains and develops more leaders than do all other institutions together-and [...]

JP Donlon Best Companies for Leaders , Leadership & Strategy December 7 2007

Best Companies for Leaders

GE eclipses P & G for the Top spot in 2006.

JP Donlon December 1 2006

Best Private Companies for Leaders 2012

Our Best Companies for Leaders list focuses on public company CEOs, and so it’s important to also recognize private company CEOs who have strong leadership development programs. This year’s top private company CEO is Connie Wimer of Business Publications.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy January 12 2012
Best-Worst States Map Thumbnail

Best/Worst States for Business 2011

Texas reigns supreme for the seventh consecutive year in our annual Best and Worst States for Business survey. Over 550 CEOs ranked and graded the states on their overall business-friendliness. Rounding out the top three are North Carolina and Florida, while once again California landed at the bottom.

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Election Center , Election Center May 3 2011

Beyond the Euro: Rethinking Competitiveness

It’s overcome the single currency hurdle, but Europe has plenty more to tackle. CEOs and U.S. and European dignities gathered in Brussels to debate issues ranging from a dearth of tech workers to barriers to entrepreneurialism.

JP Donlon May 1 2000

Big Brown Boots Up

Internet companies are very hot now. That’s nice. But maybe the biggest e-commerce player isn’t Microsoft, Intel, AOL, Amazon, or the dot com de jour stock the punters are talking up.

JP Donlon March 1 1999

Blithe Spirits

Bucking declining North American demand for spirits, Guinness ranks as the world’s most profitable alcoholic drinks company. Having retaken control of its distribution networks, the company is pushing pricey, upscale brands in the hope of repositioning scotch as status. Interested in a $500 bottle?

JP Donlon April 1 1992

Bob Eckert, Mattell CEO: Barbie’s Latest Accessory is Software

The days when Barbie meant doll are gone. Now, she is a full-fledged brand with products ranging from digital cameras and movie production software to bicycles. Mattel CEO Bob Eckert explains why toys are no longer just toys, but brands.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Marketing & Sales , Strategy February 1 2011

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