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Eco-Chic the Sustainability Flak Catchers

The broad fear and culpability over humanity’s impact upon the earth and its climate now hold a powerful influence over nearly all social institutions. Bearing the brunt of concern are those organizations that harness and process the planet’s resources to feed, house, transport and entertain billions. As these businesses wrestle with an apparently nonnegotiable imperative to go green, the responses ...

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Ready for the Other Millennium Bomb?

Business managed the Y2K bug with some alacrity, but savvy CEOs must now prepare for the millennium's next big hurdle : the leading edge of a tectonic demographic shift. 

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Hole With a View

From the elevated tee on Cypress Point’s 17th hole, above Pacific waves roiling against the rugged shore of California‘s Monterey Peninsula, Ken Derr can look north and on a clear day see as far as Santa Cruz. To the south is Carmel and Pt. Lobos. Back east, a treacherous piece of ocean and then dog-legging to the right is a ...

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