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Access to Capital

Following the Money… If access to public markets is tricky, private funds are huge.

Jeffrey Rothfeder CEO2CEO Summit , Events , Governance/Compliance January 25 2006

Managing Globally

Developing Global Talent… Managing worldwide companies hinges on people, culture.

Jeffrey Rothfeder Global Business January 25 2006

The CEO’s Role in Innovation

Can a leader personally drive new ideas? Yes.

Jeffrey Rothfeder Events , ROUNDTABLES November 2 2005

Caught in the Crosshairs

These plaintiff attorneys are smart, competitive and use tactics every top exec should understand.

Jeffrey Rothfeder June 1 2002

Call Me Crazy

These three bravehearts took top jobs nobody in their right minds would want. Here’s why they did it and how they’re doing.

Jeffrey Rothfeder February 1 2002

Living with Litigation

The way CEOs handle brushes with litigation will probably determine how successfully they manage their companies.

Jeffrey Rothfeder December 1 2001

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