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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Top 10 Enterprise Risks

Managing business risk has always been a strategic imperative, but perhaps never more so than today. Explosive global expansion, ever-more-onerous [...]

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES October 29 2007

Colonel Who?

When PepsiCo opted to jettison the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut and Taco Bell quickserve restaurant brands with a [...]

Jennifer Pellet October 29 2007

Unifying Unisys

Soon after he was named CEO of Unisys in 2005, Joe McGrath went to the board with an ambitious plan [...]

Jennifer Pellet September 10 2007


TODAY, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, A CEO and CFO must function as a team. Financial expertise has always been critical to managerial strategy, but rampant mergers and acquisitions, shareholder activism and ever more complex regulatory requirements are recasting the CFO role-and, in turn, the relationship between finance chiefs and their CEOs. The change isn’t always positive. While many CFOs report having more involvement in strategy, others say that intense scrutiny from regulators and wall street, coupled with onerous compliance requirements, have turned the job into one of endless drudgery. This Chief executive special report examines why some CEO-CFO partnerships work-and why some implode.

Jennifer Pellet September 10 2007

Winning in Windsor

Two years into his reign at the helm of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Andrew Cosslett can still get worked [...]

Jennifer Pellet September 10 2007

The New Logic of Offshoring

In its earliest phase, offshoring was driven by cost reduction and limited to non-mission-critical work such as call centers, credit [...]

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES September 10 2007

King of NOG

When it comes to reviving brands and turning around flagging firms, few can rival James M. Kilts. He won a [...]

Jennifer Pellet September 10 2007


  Source: Booz Allen HamiltonIndependence Day?Amid clamor for dividing the chairman and CEO roles, a new study by Booz Allen [...]

Jennifer Pellet July 23 2007

Spin City

When Verizon Communications cashed out of its print and online Yellow Pages Directory division-collecting more than $9 billion in the [...]

Jennifer Pellet July 23 2007

What’s in a Name?

As an AT&T veteran, Embarq CEO Daniel Hesse well knows the power a strong brand can wield. “I grew up [...]

Jennifer Pellet July 23 2007

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