Jennifer Pellet

As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Starbucks CEO Jim Donald: Lessons FROM Brand Leaders

Spot that distinctive mermaid-in-green-circle logo above a doorway and you know exactly what to expect. Inside you’ll be greeted by [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews November 1 2006

Realizing the High Performance Enterprise

Mention high performance enterprise and the usual suspects come to mind. Microsoft, for its culture of innovation; Wal-Mart, for its [...]

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES September 1 2006

Winning in a Multicultural Market

Long heralded, the phenomenal potential of multicultural markets is now undeniably upon Corporate America. Hispanics accounted for about half of [...]

Jennifer Pellet June 13 2006

Pursuing High Performance

Chief executives can, in fact stay ahead of global competitors

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES September 1 2005

Reaping the Rewards Of a Diverse Company

There’s no doubt that a company’s tone is set at the top.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES July 1 2005

Driving Diversity

CEOs get it: Diverse work forces make for better companies. The question is, how do you get there?

Jennifer Pellet Talent Management May 1 2005

The Future of Mail

CEOs discuss how to head off postage hikes.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES April 1 2005

Restoring Confidence In Chief Executives

It could take many years and require significant changes in how CEOs do their jobs.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES November 1 2004

Battle Over Benefits

CEOs are trying many initiatives to lower their companies’ health care costs. But will it be enough?

Jennifer Pellet Events August 1 2004

Ensuring Social Security

Mired in a pay-as-you-go system that’s nearing implosion, the U.S. system sorely needs reform.Will the privatization plan that’s worked so well for countries like Chile, Australia, and Great Britain fly here?

Jennifer Pellet April 1 2004

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