Jennifer Pellet

As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Mr. Fix-It Steps In

He’s off to a fast start, but can Bob Nardelli make his General Electric experience stick at The Home Depot?

Jennifer Pellet October 1 2001

The Highs and Lows of Being a CEO

Of all the challenges a CEO faces today, simply showing up to accept the job would hardly rank near the [...]

Jennifer Pellet August 1 2001


In 1984, a 17-year-old freshman dropped out of college to build a startup biz – and turned PC retail upside down. Seventeen years later he’s still surprising us.

Jennifer Pellet CEO of the Year July 1 2001

Gary, Gary, Quite Contrary

Can Gary Wendt, Conseco’s one-year-old CEO, GE-ify the troubled insurance firm?

Jennifer Pellet June 1 2001

When E-brands FAIL: Building Hew Brand Value with Old Brand Tricks

Jennifer Pellet May 1 2001

Socially Aware???

ROUNDTABLE II: The Buck Stops Where?

Jennifer Pellet April 1 2001

How 1988′s rich-on-paper CEOs fared AFTER DOT-COM VALUATIONS PLUMMETED

EVEN AS HUNGER for dot-com gold sent hordes of CEOs and top level execs rushing from traditional firms to join [...]

Jennifer Pellet January 1 2001

Building Media Empires-One Niche at a Time.

In a market where small equals vulnerable, three niche media CEOs feel the urge to merge.

Jennifer Pellet January 1 2001

Are Companies Getting the Share Price They Deserve?

Sometimes “bad” share prices happen to good companies. The question is why?

Jennifer Pellet September 1 2000

Ding-Dong Avon Stalling?

Ringing doorbells across the nation with her sample case in tow, the intrepid Avon Lady was once the Queen of Suburbia-and an American icon. Today the $5.2 billion company she represents is struggling to reinvent itself in a beauty market teeming with splashy e-commerce sites and nouveau retail boutiques. Andrea Jung, Avon’s third CEO in as many years, intends to rejuvenate the domestically challenged global enterprise with a brand makeover.

Jennifer Pellet June 1 2000

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