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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Brian Bedford, Republic Air CEO, Takes Wing

Republic Airways CEO Brian Bedford doesn’t just sit in his corner office, he takes to the planes. By working undercover (doing everything from customer service calls to cleaning) this chief executive took his company to new heights.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Operations , Strategy , Talent Management April 8 2011

BP Capital Management Chairman Boone Pickens: Gone With the Wind

Boone Pickens Promotes His Plan To Lower Oil Imports

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews January 30 2009

BioSante CEO Stephen Simes: Leveraging Libido

How does BioSante, a small pharmaceutical company that took in $2.5 million in revenue in 2010, expect to compete in the multi-billion dollar pharma industry? By being patient, outlasting the pharma giants, and introducing a new drug to fill a gap in the market.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews June 16 2011

Betting on Nuclear

Skyrocketing gas prices, looming legislation on carbon dioxide emissions, unprecedented demand for renewable energy-powerful changes portend interesting times for the [...]

Jennifer Pellet June 2 2008

Battle Over Benefits

CEOs are trying many initiatives to lower their companies’ health care costs. But will it be enough?

Jennifer Pellet Events August 1 2004

Barclays Global Investors CEO Lee Kranefuss: Vindicated by Volume

To hear iShares’ Lee Kranefuss tell it, hawking investment products in today’s brutal marketplace isn’t as daunting as one might [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews December 12 2008

Averting Disaster

Think giving CPR to companies in crisis is hard? Try doing it in the middle of a downturn.

Jennifer Pellet April 1 2003

Are Two CEO’s One Two Many

On the corporate battlefield, conventional wisdom has long echoed Napoleon’s leadership maxim: better one mediocre general than two brilliant ones. But a flurry of mega-mergers has companies rethinking the concept of a shared CEO chair. Can a co-CEO structure work? Or will it inevitably disrupt corporate balance and fuel dissension in the ranks-and at the top?

Jennifer Pellet January 1 1999

Are Companies Getting the Share Price They Deserve?

Sometimes “bad” share prices happen to good companies. The question is why?

Jennifer Pellet September 1 2000

American Water CEO Jeff Sterba Makes Waves

Here’s how American Waterworks CEO Jeff Sterba re-focused his company on operational efficiency. One way? He standardized its supply chain across states.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews April 12 2012

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