Jennifer Pellet

As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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The Truth Behind the Internet Gold Rush

AOL and Steve Case, Ebay and Margaret Whitman, and Jeffrey Bezos, and Richard Braddock-there seems to be a triumphant got-in-early-and-got-rich-quick tale behind virtually every high-profile Internet company. And lately,top-notch corporate talent-from MBAs to CEOs-across industries seem to be succumbing to the option-laden lure of Internet-related ventures. So how real is the gold at the end of the Internet rainbow? How do the stratospheric compensation packages of these Internet stars compare to those of the less heralded players? And, most importantly, just how long can these glory days last? A recent study of the compensation of 486 executives at 155 Internet companies suggests that inside the realm there are more bench players than megawinners.

Jennifer Pellet November 1 1999

Pulling Rabbit Out of Hats

Though she shares his last name, Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, couldn’t be more different than her infamous father, [...]

Jennifer Pellet September 1 1999

Telecom Testosterone

Risk-averse Robert Annunziata is not. The first time the CEO of Global Crossing walked away from a management post at [...]

Jennifer Pellet June 1 1999

Leadership Challenges for the Third Millennium

In an era where technologies, economies, and even corporations are converging, the same old leadership model won’t cut it. CE gathered leading-edge CEOs at the home of Castle Harlan’s John Castle to explore the challenges facing business leaders in the 21st century.

Jennifer Pellet March 1 1999

Are Two CEO’s One Two Many

On the corporate battlefield, conventional wisdom has long echoed Napoleon’s leadership maxim: better one mediocre general than two brilliant ones. But a flurry of mega-mergers has companies rethinking the concept of a shared CEO chair. Can a co-CEO structure work? Or will it inevitably disrupt corporate balance and fuel dissension in the ranks-and at the top?

Jennifer Pellet January 1 1999

The Teachers Expands Its Curriculum

Size doesn’t matter? Don’t you believe it. With $223 billion in assets under management, TIAA-CREF is the largest portable pension system in the world-which gives it plenty of market clout. So when The Teachers calls on you to discuss corporate governance, you might want to pay attention.

Jennifer Pellet November 1 1998

Hard Charger

When friends and business associates warned Carl Pascarella off taking on the stewardship of Visa U.S.A. back in August of [...]

Jennifer Pellet July 1 1998

Personal Business

If emerging unscathed from a childhood spent under the watchful eye of a powerful and prominent parent takes a strong [...]

Jennifer Pellet May 1 1998

Dances With Roulette Tables

On a rainy day in the 1970s, Ray Halbritter, an ironworker and a member of the Oneida Indian Nation’s wolf [...]

Jennifer Pellet March 1 1998

Treasure Hunt

William G. Kelley has been boosting sales for the nation’s largest closeout retailer since the very first day he walked [...]

Jennifer Pellet November 1 1997

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