Jennifer Pellet

As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Media Mixer

Inter/Media uses media fragmentation to its advantage.

Jennifer Pellet Advertising , CEO Interviews , Marketing & Sales November 24 2010

Pushing the Envelope

In an era of shrinking snail mail volume, can a 90-year-old company best known for selling postage meters persevere?

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy November 23 2010

“Spin” Doctor

“Divide and conquer” trumped “strength in numbers” when Cardinal Health weighed the idea of spinning off its tech-focused clinical and medical products businesses in 2008.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy November 16 2010

The Entrepreneurial Imperative

Deep downturns create huge opportunities—but how do businesses access them?

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES September 15 2010

From BDUs to Pinstripes

Former coalition forces deputy commander Lt. General Sir Robert Fry believes the real leadership lessons business can learn from the military aren’t necessarily those that are being learned.

Jennifer Pellet September 14 2010

CEO Chronicles

Legget & Platt CEO Dave Haffner and The Limited’s Linda Heasley discuss the challenges and opportunities of leadership

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews July 28 2010

Rebuilding America

The infrastructure vital to our nation’s future prosperity is falling into disrepair. How can we find the means—and the will—to reverse that trajectory?

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES July 22 2010

Neil DeFeo on Cleaning Up

Neil DeFeo on how to clean up at Sun Products

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership , Strategy April 22 2010

Lean on Leverage

Stephens Inc.’s Warren Stephens capitalizes on Wall Street’s troubles

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership , Strategy April 22 2010

Theragenics Corporation CEO Christine Jacobs: Riding High

Christine Jacobs seeks a new specialty for Theragenics

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Technology March 8 2010

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