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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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A Healthy Start

The Challenge You’re an entrepreneur who sold his investors on developing a robotic technology that will revolutionize your industry, only [...]

Jennifer Pellet May 22 2012

American Water CEO Jeff Sterba Makes Waves

Here’s how American Waterworks CEO Jeff Sterba re-focused his company on operational efficiency. One way? He standardized its supply chain across states.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews April 12 2012

Making Waves at American Water Works

The Challenge: You’re a huge water utility company providing millions of Americans with water. Like other utilities, your upside profitability [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership , Leadership & Strategy April 12 2012

4 Growth Strategies from Yum! Brands CEO David Novak

Yum! Brands’ David Novak has a secret for staying on his leadership toes: the “hot-shot-replaces-me” scenario. “I think, ‘If someone replaced me tomorrow, what would he or she do?’”

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews April 11 2012

Four Ways to Win

Yum! Brands’ David Novak Yum! Brands’ David Novak has a secret for staying on his leadership toes: the “hot-shot-replaces-me” scenario. [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy April 11 2012

The Leadership Agenda: What do CEOs need to know to succeed today?

Turmoil in the CEO world has been on the rise in recent years. In 2008, three Fortune 500 CEOs were [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy March 20 2012

5 Steps to Making Private Equity Work

Private equity firms flush with the green stuff need to invest it. The concept has all the makings of the perfect symbiotic relationship. But in the private equity sphere things are rarely so simple. Here are 5 ways to make PE work.

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy March 6 2012

Making Private Equity Work

You need an influx of operating cash to tap into a growth opportunity for your business. Private equity firms flush [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy March 6 2012

How Much—and Why—Industries Lobby

Critics complain that lobbying is rampant in Washington and special interest groups get in the way of political progress. But facts suggest that the relationship is symbiotic.

Jennifer Pellet Regulatory February 24 2012

Ziopharm Oncology: A New Approach to New Drugs

For a little biopharmaceutical company, Ziopharm Oncology has attracted capital from some heavy hitters—a coup in an industry hit particularly hard by the financial market crunch. Here, Chief Executive interviews CEO Jonathan Lewis.

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy February 24 2012

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