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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

Leading a Cultural Revolution

When Keith Williams took the helm of Northbrook, Illinois-based Underwriters Laboratories in 2005 the 118-year-old company was floundering. The company’s UL Mark—the symbol it places on products that pass the rigorous tests it has developed to ensure consumer and employee safety—still commanded respect, but UL was carrying considerable debt, losing market share to competitors and grappling with low employee morale. ...

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A Healthy Start

The Challenge You’re an entrepreneur who sold his investors on developing a robotic technology that will revolutionize your industry, only to discover, after investing four years and $15 million building a robot, that it doesn’t work. The Context A veteran of the drug-dispensing industry, Remedi Senior-Care CEO Michael Bronfein was confident that automation technology could dramatically advance the institutional drug ...

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Making Waves at American Water Works

The Challenge: You’re a huge water utility company providing millions of Americans with water. Like other utilities, your upside profitability is limited by the sector’s contract operations model—rates are set by regulators at state public utility commissions rather than by service providers. Meanwhile the nation’s water supply infrastructure is in abysmal shape. In some states up to 40 percent of ...

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Four Ways to Win

Yum! Brands’ David Novak Yum! Brands’ David Novak has a secret for staying on his leadership toes: the “hot-shot-replaces-me” scenario. “I think, ‘If someone replaced me tomorrow, what would he or she do?’” explains the CEO of the world’s largest restaurant company, which encompasses the KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell brands. “Since I like my job, why don’t I ...

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