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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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The New Administration

What’s Ahead for the First 100 Days

Jennifer Pellet CEO2CEO Summit , Events February 1 2009

The Tenth Annual CEO Leadership Summit

No one is immune in a recession. With economies across the globe in a steepening slide and proposals for radical [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy January 30 2009

Re-Thinking Global Strategy

It’s no secret that the phenomenal growth stories of China and India are changing the global economy playing field. By [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO2CEO Summit , Events January 30 2009

Innovate or Perish

What is the next big profit opportunity? And, perhaps more important, how do business leaders dedicate resources to finding it [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO2CEO Summit , Events January 30 2009

Unlimited Bandwidth; Ubiquitous Access

The explosive growth in bandwidth and new forms of networking technology will allow marketers to reach communities of one or [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO2CEO Summit , Events January 30 2009

Alcan Packaging CEO Ilene Gordon: Passion for Packaging

Packaging isn’t terribly sexy—but don’t tell Ilene Gordon that. To hear the president and CEO of Paris, France-based, Alcan Packaging [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews January 30 2009

Next-Generation Globalization

Oil price spikes, reeling markets, the implosion of global companies—clearly, the onward march toward a borderless world economy has hit [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO2CEO Summit , Events January 30 2009

Financing in a Financially Unfriendly world

In less than six months, Wall Street saw six top-tier banks and financial institutions perish or merge and the consolidation [...]

Jennifer Pellet Corporate Finance January 30 2009

BP Capital Management Chairman Boone Pickens: Gone With the Wind

Boone Pickens Promotes His Plan To Lower Oil Imports

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews January 30 2009

Signature Bank CEO Joseph DePaolo: Banking on Businesses

Seven years ago, 65 HSBC executives simultaneously jumped ship to embark on an unlikely adventure: launching a brand new bank [...]

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews December 12 2008

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