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As editor-at-large at Chief Executive magazine, Jennifer Pellet writes feature stories and CEO roundtable coverage and also edits various sections of the publication.

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Companies Be Nimble

Developing true agility is tougher than it looks. After years of hard work, CEOs are still searching for the best way to pick up speed.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES December 1 2003

The Global Growth Imperative

Asian Markets Are Major Theme of CEO Summit

Jennifer Pellet Strategy February 1 2004

Ensuring Social Security

Mired in a pay-as-you-go system that’s nearing implosion, the U.S. system sorely needs reform.Will the privatization plan that’s worked so well for countries like Chile, Australia, and Great Britain fly here?

Jennifer Pellet April 1 2004

Battle Over Benefits

CEOs are trying many initiatives to lower their companies’ health care costs. But will it be enough?

Jennifer Pellet Events August 1 2004

Restoring Confidence In Chief Executives

It could take many years and require significant changes in how CEOs do their jobs.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES November 1 2004

The Future of Mail

CEOs discuss how to head off postage hikes.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES April 1 2005

Driving Diversity

CEOs get it: Diverse work forces make for better companies. The question is, how do you get there?

Jennifer Pellet Talent Management May 1 2005

Reaping the Rewards Of a Diverse Company

There’s no doubt that a company’s tone is set at the top.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES July 1 2005

Pursuing High Performance

Chief executives can, in fact stay ahead of global competitors

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES September 1 2005

Winning in a Multicultural Market

Long heralded, the phenomenal potential of multicultural markets is now undeniably upon Corporate America. Hispanics accounted for about half of [...]

Jennifer Pellet June 13 2006

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