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CEO of supply chain advisory firm Tompkins International, Jim Tompkins (www.tompkinsinc.com) is an experienced advisor on business planning, logistics, manufacturing, material handling, outsourcing, and supply chain best practices. He has written or contributed to more than 30 books, hosts the Global Supply Chain Podcast series, and writes the GoGoGo! blog.

Nearshoring Has Potential, But Hype About Onshoring (Back to America) Is Nonsense

The paranoia that surrounds China manufacturing often surfaces in the notion that manufacturing is coming back to the U.S. For example, a recent report released by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) titled, “U.S. Manufacturing Nears the Tipping Point: Which Industries and how much?” asserts that the U.S. economy is becoming more competitive, and in addition to rising costs in China, ...

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