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Gauging New Media’s Impact

In terms of advertising dollars, New Media and Old Media are still joined at the hip, but the tipping point between the two fast approaches.

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Hulu CEO Jason Kilar: Hulu Hoopla?

Jason Kilar is underscoring some of the differences between his new online video startup, Hulu, and its corporate parents: NBC Universal and News Corp., owner of the Fox Broadcasting Company. He refers with a laugh to the makeshift platform for his computer monitor-a cardboard box from a 24-count Variety Pack of Kellogg’s “Fruity Snacks,” secured by a member of his ...

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Revenge of the Nerds

The Silicon Boys and Their Valley of Dreams. By David A. Kaplan. William Morrow & Co. $27, 358 pp.All needed to know about David A. Kaplan’s The Silicon Boys and Their Valley of Dreams I learned in the first seven pages. Reason is, for both Kaplan and the reader, it’s all downhill after that.Having pegged Silicon Valley chief executives as ...

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