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Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

Drive, He Said

Where will Google’s drive into automating auto technology lead?

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Statistics Don’t Lie… or Do They?

The other day, I read that food-borne illnesses in the U.S. cost taxpayers between $14.1 billion and $16.3 billion a year, depending on whose numbers you believe. The figure appeared in The New York Times, so for many people, it must be true. That number includes the fallout from illnesses and hospitalization, lost time at work, diminished productivity and work done haphazardly because so many people feel a bit nauseous.

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Flip Side: On Second Thought … It’s Good… it’s Bad. Then it’s Good Again.

Uh-oh, not again! The government now admits that it was completely wrong about cholesterol. Contrary to what they’ve told the public for 30 years, fat and cholesterol are actually good for your health; it’s switching to carbs that is bad! Darn, darn, darn! But that’s not all.

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