Joe Queenan

Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

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Free At Last

The genius of capitalism is not so much its ability to invent new products and services as it is to [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 1996

Techie Tit For Tat

On April 7, 1996, Dutch Ghana became the first country in the world to execute a private-sector employee for a [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1996

Turning Over A New Leaf Blower

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the world of personal computers knows two things about the industry:1. Today’s cutting-edge product will be [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 1996

When Bad News Is Good

Last May, I read a newspaper article entitled “Somber Reunion for Harvard’s Law Class of ’85.” The article, written in [...]

Joe Queenan July 1 1996

Of Market Bondage

Last fall, Yale University Law School Professor Charles A. Reich published an apocalyptic little book entitled, “Opposing the System,” which [...]

Joe Queenan June 1 1996

Hype and Glory

About 10 years ago, when I was editing a magazine called American Business, I received a press release from a [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 1996

Of Ethics And Flapdoodles

Not long ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article about two former academics who were busy creating a new [...]

Joe Queenan April 1 1996

A Death Knell For “Knowledge Workers”?

A short time ago, The Wall Street Journal published a list of the 10 most deadly management euphemisms currently in [...]

Joe Queenan March 1 1996

Taking Cues From Bill Gates…All The Way To The Bank

Complaining about the deficiencies of the computer industry has become a national pastime in America. Because JOE Microsoft uses one [...]

Joe Queenan December 1 1995

Re-Engineering Redux…And Redux

In 1993, the respected management consultant James Champy scored a resounding coup with a remarkable book entitled, “Re-engineering the Corporation.” [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1995

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