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Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

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The Past Is Prologue

Two years ago, Jacob Alexander, one-time chief executive of Comverse Technology, fled to Namibia rather than face charges that he [...]

Joe Queenan October 7 2008

The Plantagenet Connection

Captains of industry constantly seek to glean valuable lessons from the pages of history, but they usually consult the wrong [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 2006

The Real Roots of Inflation

Not long ago, the Wall Street Journal profiled a Massachusetts barber who had just raised the price of a haircut [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 2001

The Skills of Skilling


Joe Queenan February 28 2006


One of the oddest sights in recent years was the diplomatic mission to Africa that paired the buttoned-downed Treasury Secretary [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 2002

The Surreptitious Shutterbug

Uh-oh, Bernd Rauh is back in the news. Surely you remember Bernd Rauh, the retired car racer who is now [...]

Joe Queenan July 1 2002

The Sweater Can Revive Our Economy

For at least the past two years, the entire planet has been waiting breathlessly for the revival of the American [...]

Joe Queenan April 1 2003

The Sweet Smell of Success

Perfume trends suggest market potential for a new category of fragrances.

Joe Queenan CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy January 25 2013

The Wages Of Niceness

A seminal moment in the history of the Clinton Administration occurred on May 23, 1993. First Lady Hillary Clinton, clad [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1993

The Wealth of Nations

Anyone lucky enough to see the recent public television broadcast of the New York Philharmonic’s historic concert in Pyongyang can [...]

Joe Queenan April 22 2008

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