Joe Queenan

Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

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Time For An Exchange of Ideas

Like many Americans, I was devastated when news got out that the American Stock Exchange was up for sale. From [...]

Joe Queenan December 1 2003

Time to Bring On Another Y2K

A friend of mine who gets paid to know this sort of thing insists that the Internet bubble was largely [...]

Joe Queenan June 1 2003

Too Dumb, Too Soon

Does anyone remember toll roads? About a decade ago, the national media was abuzz with stories about private highways that [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 2001

Toy Story

Several weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a long, fascinating article about the toy industry. Seemingly, after decades of [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 2000

Toying with the Competition

No company better illustrates the lunacy that briefly afflicted this nation than eToys. Once accorded a market cap of $8 [...]

Joe Queenan February 1 2002

Trashing Our Society

Last Sunday night, I was relaxing in my comfortable lounge chair studying Consumer Reports’ ratings of interior latex paints when [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 1994

Turning Over A New Leaf Blower

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the world of personal computers knows two things about the industry:1. Today’s cutting-edge product will be [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 1996

Untangling the Web

The Internet, as it currently exists, is a mess. Because of the huge number of sex-oriented Web sites that exist [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 2000

Well Now

People are sick-Literally-of the Health Care debate

Joe Queenan Chief Humor November 25 2009

What’s Right Is Right

Several years ago, I was riding a city bus when it stopped short. For the next 15 minutes the 26 [...]

Joe Queenan March 1 1995

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