Joe Queenan

Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

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Censoring Scuttlebutt

The Perils of Blocking Gossipy Bloggers

Joe Queenan Chief Humor October 13 2009

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Who Says Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

Joe Queenan Chief Humor August 21 2009

A Billion Here, A Billion There

Remember when a billion dollars still seemed like a lot of money? Neither does anybody else. Consider: A newspaper revered [...]

Joe Queenan Chief Humor June 22 2009

Getting Real

Not long ago, a photograph of Liz Claiborne CEO William McComb jammed into a seat in coach class appeared in [...]

Joe Queenan Chief Humor April 13 2009

The Invisible Black Hand

The decision by the federal government to bail out the Mafia but allow the Cosa Nostra to go under has [...]

Joe Queenan Chief Humor January 30 2009

Pushing the Envelope

Sometimes the solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem is staring us right in the face. Beethoven used to bust flimsy [...]

Joe Queenan Chief Humor December 12 2008

The Past Is Prologue

Two years ago, Jacob Alexander, one-time chief executive of Comverse Technology, fled to Namibia rather than face charges that he [...]

Joe Queenan October 7 2008

This Is Just Not Happening

Newspaper readers instinctively turn to the same section every morning. For many it is the sports, for some the financial [...]

Joe Queenan July 23 2008

The Wealth of Nations

Anyone lucky enough to see the recent public television broadcast of the New York Philharmonic’s historic concert in Pyongyang can [...]

Joe Queenan April 22 2008


I rate shareholders, meddlesome hedge fund managers, know-it-all private equity guys and even the man in the street often act [...]

Joe Queenan March 5 2008

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