Joe Queenan

Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

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Take A Gander

In a recent discussion of the networking appeal of goose blinds, A.B. Krongard, chairman and CEO of Alex. Brown, had [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 1997

Eau de Chief Executive

One of the most troubling phenomena of the ’90s is the sight of one top executive after another getting booted [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1997

Management Encounters of The Absurd Kind

Several years ago, I wrote a story for the Washington Post that dealt with the difficulty of writing satire in [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 1997

Naked Options

Recently, I spotted an advertisement in The Wall Street Journal promoting an unusual kind of liability insurance. The ad placed [...]

Joe Queenan December 1 1997

Byte Size

One rainy afternoon in October 1996, commercial real-estate salesman Paul Merlin stopped off at a typically blue-collar New York City [...]

Joe Queenan March 1 1998

Just Browsing

Like many Americans, I’ve been following the Justice Department’s brouhaha with Microsoft with rapt attention, hoping that if I read [...]

Joe Queenan April 1 1998

Bring It On Home To Me

Lately, I’ve been reading an awful lot about bonds backed by the royalties from rock’n’ roll records. The whole thing [...]

Joe Queenan May 1 1998


Shortly after the Monica Lewinsky scandal erupted, my local newspaper printed a letter under the headline, “French Find Fuss to [...]

Joe Queenan June 1 1998

Take Me to Your Loss Leader

Recently, I read an article in Forbes reporting that Toys “R” Us, the category-killer that has dominated the toy industry [...]

Joe Queenan July 1 1998

Caught Flat-Footed

Several weeks ago, something unexpectedly wonderful occurred when Reebok Intl terminated its promotional deal with Los Angeles Lakers basketball star [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 1998

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