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Joe Queenan is a regular contributor on business issues, corporate culture, and financial follies to Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

Hedging to Glory


Catastrophe buffs warn that the next global financial cataclysm will involve some massively overextended hedge fund that makes the wrong bet on natural gas or Indonesian munis or the weather, and destroys life as we know it. Frankly, this can’t happen fast enough to suit me. I can remember a time when you could open the New York Times or ...

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Get a Real Job

In a piece of genuinely alarming news, The Wall Street Journal reports that baby boomers reaching retirement age are increasingly taking jobs as “hobbies.” Some are early retirees who lack the wealth to exit the work force entirely and instead are taking low-stress, hobbylike jobs in enterprises they admire or fields they have long dreamed of working in. Others are ...

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Better health care

In a new book entitled The Education of Ronald Reagan, Thomas W. Evans discusses the huge effect exerted on the future president by the years he spent working for General Electric after his acting career went south. People of a certain age will remember that Reagan served as host of CBS’s enormously popular General Electric Theater from 1954 until 1962, ...

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Tempus Fugit

America has often been described as a jobs factory masquerading as a society. Not only does this country constantly create millions of new jobs for its citizens, fueling the most powerful economy the world has ever known, but it ceaselessly creates the kinds of highly specialized and, in some instances, absurd jobs that would never exist elsewhere: life coaches, chief ...

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The Plantagenet Connection

Captains of industry constantly seek to glean valuable lessons from the pages of history, but they usually consult the wrong models. Almost nothing can be learned from the management styles of Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan, who never had to fret about maximizing shareholder value, and the same is true of Julius Caesar and George S. Patton, who rarely ...

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Whose Ox Was Gore-d?

Global warming has now officially joined the ranks of topics it is no longer acceptable to make light of. Due to the stunning popularity of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, which looks an awful lot like those public service documentaries they used to show during sixth period in the high school auditorium-The United States Department of Agriculture: Fun and ...

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Crashing Boards


Investors consistently ask why directors at Enron, Tyco, Adelphi and a host of other scandal  plagued corporations did not take steps to prevent the carnage wrought by their megalomaniac CEOs. For the answer to this question, we must look at the hit film Wedding Crashers. In Wedding Crashers, a pair of lovable scoundrels (Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn) persistently crash weddings ...

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