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Goodbye To The Quick Fix

Not long ago, Michael Porter, the ultra-manic professor of strategy at the Harvard Business School, told me that a large [...]

Joel Kurtzman May 1 1996

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

A few years ago, when NASA went to Congress for funding for its next-generation, heavy-lift launch vehicle, some wag on [...]

Joel Kurtzman April 1 1996

The Skinny On Lean And Mean

Some time long ago, at lunch in Boston, Peter F. Drucker, the grand old man of business thinking, outlined his [...]

Joel Kurtzman March 1 1996

In Danger Of Decapitation?

Einstein taught us that time is discontinuous. Two stars twinkling side-by-side in the night often are sending us light from [...]

Joel Kurtzman January 1 1996

All Eyes On The Great Mitsubishi Whale

Twice a year, I visit Japan to give speeches, consult with companies, and generally schmooze, Tokyo-style. While most of my [...]

Joel Kurtzman December 1 1995

Checking The Corporate Crystal Ball

The fund manager in question is a down-home, ten-to-the-ninth man, which means his broad-based fund has more than $1 billion [...]

Joel Kurtzman October 1 1995

Hot Finance

While the electronic economy hums along in the fiber-optic trenches-helping businesses to run better and faster with technologies including electronic [...]

Joel Kurtzman June 1 1995

Bankers’ Trust

Nicholas W. Leeson, the trader and speculator who lost $1.4 billion of his employer’s money, had a nickname at 233 [...]

Joel Kurtzman May 1 1995

Banking on Technology

Anthony Comper, president and chief operating officer of the mighty Bank of Montreal, says he has the best view in [...]

Joel Kurtzman March 1 1995

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