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Honda CEO Tadashi Kume has brought his company into the global marketplace; but, without a centralized plan, will he be able to avoid in-fighting between U.S. and Japan Honda?

John Carson-parker September 1 1988

Cash-Rich Nestle Has Global Sweet Tooth

CEO Helmut Maucher is transforming the company into a very un-Swiss food giant.

John Carson-parker March 1 1989

Dese, Doms And Diors

France’s Bernard Arnault has built the LVMH empire in the style of our own leading corporate raiders. Plus ca change…

John Carson-parker November 1 1989

Le Conglomerateur Formidable

Macy’s buys Tiffany. At first sight, the purchase of a controlling stake in Italy’s Gucci by France’s Pinault-Printemps-Redoute certainly looks [...]

John Carson-parker March 1 2000

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