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Improbable Golf

An Around-The-World Guide to Great Golf Where You Least Expect to Find it.

John Steinbreder CEO Life April 27 2010

The Best Golf Courses (You’ve Probably Never Heard About)

They don’t have the name recognition of Pine Valley or Pebble Beach. And most golfers couldn’t tell you who laid [...]

John Steinbreder August 16 2006

The Rules of Springtime Golf

Cell phones are out; compliments for good shots are in.

John Steinbreder April 1 2002

Playing for a Living

Where executives who run golf businesses head in the middle of winter.

John Steinbreder December 1 2001

From Cleats to Wingtips

Gale Sayers, Roger Staubach, and other sports legends-turned-CEOs use lessons from the playing field to foster success in the workplace.

John Steinbreder November 1 2001

My Favorite Autumn Golf Holes

Two executives choose New England classics to watch falling leaves and to play some of the country’s toughest holes.

John Steinbreder October 1 2001

California Golfing

Sir Richard George has to travel a long distance from his home in the United Kingdom to play his favorite [...]

John Steinbreder July 1 2001

Vested in the Game

Thomas Capps chuckles at the irony of the situation. “It’s strange, isn’t it, that my company happens to own a [...]

John Steinbreder June 1 2001

You Can Go Home Again

Size doesn’t matter at all to Stephen Carter when it comes to picking his favorite golf hole. That’s because the [...]

John Steinbreder May 1 2001

The Bonnie Links of Scotland

Marguerite Sallee, 54, lives in Nashville and plays most of her golf at the Golf Club of Tennessee. “It gives [...]

John Steinbreder April 1 2001

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